Top Password Managers

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Your password needs to be at least eight characters long and must contain at least one uppercase letter, one symbol, and a number. For security, you should also change your passwords every 90 days, and you should not recycle old passwords. Sounds familiar?

Although following a strong password policy can help to protect the security of your online accounts, trying to remember these complex passwords for multiple websites can become a superhuman task.

Many users resort to using weak passwords or the same password across sites. Some would write their login credentials on post-it notes or save them in a word document on their computers. All these workarounds create new security problems. 

A password manager makes it easy for users to generate strong passwords and securely manage all their login credentials from one single place. By eliminating the need to remember passwords, users are encouraged to use a different strong password for each of their secure sites.

The Top Password Managers

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Dashlane has the best-looking interface among the various password managers we have tested. Dashlane’s tight browser integration also makes storing and logging in to websites a breeze. If you are registering a new account on a website, Dashlane can generate a strong password, fill in the password field and save the password into your Dashlane vault seamlessly.

Dashlane also allows you to securely share notes and login credentials with your co-workers and contacts. No more forwarding of passwords in plain text emails and zip files.

However, only the paid Dashlane Premium version allows automatic synchronization of your Dashlane data across multiple devices. You can install Dashlane Free on any number of devices, but newly saved logins or password changes made on one device will not get automatically updated on your other devices. For Dashlane Free, all data is stored locally on your device, so you will also need to perform your backups.

For secure sharing of Dashlane items (notes and login credentials),  Dashlane Free allows you to share up to 5 items with other Dashlane users. There is no sharing limit in Dashlane Premium.

Subscription for Dashlane Premium is at USD3.33/month.

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LastPass interface and user experience may need improvement, but LastPass more than made up for its design shortfall by including multi-device sync and unlimited sharing in its free edition. In terms of value, it is hard to beat LastPass.

LastPass also offers a premium edition that includes extra features such as LastPass for applications, shared family folder and 1GB of encrypted file storage. LastPass premium is very affordable at only USD1/month; but for most users, LastPass free would more than suffice their needs.

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